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The Board of Directors

The US-SLFC is governed by a board comprising of equal numbers of Sri Lankan and US government officers and citizens as its members, with neither government having veto power.


The board members:

  • Mr Atul Keshap (Honorary Chairperson), The U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka,
  • Mr. James Russo (Chairperson), Director for Press, Cultural and Educational Affairs
  • Ms. Melissa Paulsen (Treasurer), Cultural Affairs Officer
  • Prof. Savitri Goonesekere (Member), Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Colombo; former Vice Chancellor , University of Colombo
  • Ms. Jennifer Moragoda (Member), Director Path Finders and Member, US-SLFC
  • Mr. Nihal Fonseka (Member), Consultant, the Development Finance Credit Corporation (DFCC) Bank and Member, Monetary Board of Sri Lanka
  • Mr. Charitha Ratwatte (Member), Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka