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Bi-national Fulbright Commissions

“I had not wanted this to be an American programme….In each country bi-national Commissions were to develop the kind of programme that made sense to them…” Senator J William Fulbright

What is most unique about the Fulbright programme is that it has established a global system of bi-national exchanges, each between the U.S and a partner nation. There are 51 bi-national Commissions administering the Fulbright Programme around the world.

Bi-national Commission are based on the concept of partnership between the U.S. and the host country. It is different from other programmes of the U.S. government. It is free of the notion of “tied aid”. These Commissions are autonomous entities and members of the Commissions Boards are drawn from both the host country and the U.S. government. Neither the U.S. Government nor the host government has veto power.

The joint contribution to and participation in this unique bi-national Commission demonstrates a mutual intent to expand upon this long tradition of education and cultural exchange.

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