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Host a US scholar

The US-SLFC wishes to invite Sri Lankan families to host a US Fulbright Scholar during the scholar’s stay in Sri Lanka. As the aim of the Fulbright programme is the promotion of mutual cultural understanding between people and nations, the host family will be encouraged to develop strong links with the scholar to give the scholar opportunities to be part of day-to-day events, celebrations and activities of the host-family. The host family will not be expected to provide board or lodging for the scholar.

US scholars reside in Sri Lanka for time periods ranging from 3 – 9 months. The scholars usually arrive in Sri Lanka during the last quarter of the year.

Suggested activities with the scholar :

  • Assist the scholar settle into the country – help the scholar get to know the City, introduce scholar to places of interest and practical use such as shops.
  • Invite the scholar to family events such as get-togethers, family meals, traditional New Year celebrations, weddings, cultural events or religious ceremonies.
  • Invite the scholar to join the family on social outings – concerts, trips etc.

While special social events and outings with the host family will be much appreciated by the scholar, it will be the day to day gatherings and activities that will be of immense value in giving the scholar opportunities to understand Sri Lankan culture and life. Therefore it is hoped that you will provide the scholar an opportunity to be part of a variety of family and social events.