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US- Sri Lanka Serendipity 2012


The objectives of the United States — Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission are:

· To promote closer relations between Sri Lanka and the United States by increasing the number of Sri Lankans and Americans who have direct knowledge of both  countries and who are eminently qualified by virtue of their personal experience to enhance mutual understanding and cultural relations between the two nations.

· To address some of Sri Lanka’s identified educational needs in fields where study opportunities, instructional facilities, and institutional options are limited,especially in areas where the U.S. experience is strong.

· To encourage participation of U.S. and Sri Lankan university and other alumni in support of U.S.- Sri Lankan academic exchange through a variety of follow-upprogrammes;


· To strengthen institutional ties between the U.S. and Sri Lankan universities and research institutes.


o The Fulbright awardsare one of the very few awards on offer in Sri Lanka, where competitionis open and selection ismerit based.

o The US-SLFC hasawarded fellowships to over 1000 US and Sri Lanka grantees since 1952

o Hosted over 20 SCA Regional Scholar Grantees

o Conducted public workshops by the US Fulbright grantees in fields of study that do not have necessary the expertise in Sri Lanka such as disability, speech therapy, creative writing, dramatic studies

o Inaugurated the Fulbright Alumni Association of Sri Lanka in 2005

o Inaugurated the Fulbright Alumni Public Lecture Series in 2006 and to date has hosted over 30 public lectures by US and Sri Lankan alumni

o Nine of the Secretaries (including the Secretary to the President of the Republic) of key current Ministries of the Government of Sri Lanka are occupied by Humphrey alumni.

o Prominent Sri Lankan Fulbright Alumni include, Bradman Weerakoon, the secretary to 9 Sri Lankan Prime Ministers in Sri Lanka, andLalithWeeratunga, the Secretary to the President.

o The US-SLFC hosted the 2011 SCA Fulbright Regional Workshop in Colombo