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Education USA Weekly updates- No.209 * 13 December 2010

No. 209 ∙ December 13 2010

I. Scholarships and Fellowships

– UG: Scholarships Available to International Student Athletes at Genesee Community College

– UG: International Ambassador Scholarship up to $10,500 at Winthrop University

– Grad: Merit Scholarships up to $16,000 at Monterey Institute of International Studies

– Postdoc: Yale World Fellows Program – Now Soliciting Nominations for Fall 2011

II. News you can use

– Western New England College Offers New Mechatronics Concentration

– The Case for Early Decision

– Stanford University "Early Action" Applications Set New Record

Letter of Recommendation is First Step to College


I. Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships Available to International Student Athletes at Genesee Community College


Genesee Community College in Batavia, NY is offering scholarships for international scholar athletes in Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, and Women’s Volleyball.

clip_image006The College is also offering a two-week Summer English Camp from July 16- 31, 2011 for international students.

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For more information, visit Genesee Community College on the web at:


clip_image010international Ambassador Scholarship at Winthrop University

The Wintrhop University International Center provides a limited number of scholarships to selected undergraduate students that wish to serve as International Center Ambassadors.

clip_image006[1]Scholarships will be awarded by the International Center Scholarship Committee. The value of the scholarship is $10,500 per academic year and is renewable up to four years.

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For more information, contact Frederik Schlingemann at Winthrop University:

[email protected]. International students can also visit Winthrop University on the web



Merit Scholarships up to $16,000 at Monterey Institute of international studies


All admitted applicants at the Monterey Institute are considered for the Merit Scholarship and a separate application is not required. You must be admitted to a degree program at the Monterey Institute to qualify.clip_image006[2] Scholarship amounts range from $4,000 to $16,000 per academic year. 


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However, funds are limited, so please apply at your earliest convenience. Submit all application materials on or before the following deadlines. Applications must be received, not postmarked, by the priority deadlines:

Spring Semester: October 1 Fall Semester: December 1, February 1, March 15

International students can visit Monterey Institute on the web at:


clip_image014Yale world fellows Program – fall 2011

Now soliciting nominations of outstanding mid-career professionals!

To qualify, applicants must:

1. Have an established record of extraordinary achievement and integrity;

2. clip_image006[4]Be a citizen of and reside in a country other than the U.S.;

3. Demonstrate commitment to crucial issues and making a different at the national or global level;


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Have special capacity for critical, creative, strategic, and entrepreneurial thinking;

5. Be fluent in English.

Application Deadline: January 14, 2011.

For more information and to nominate a candidate, visit


II. News You Can Use

Western New England College Offers New Mechatronics Concentration

Mechanical Engineering is the application of science and technology essential to industry, government, the environment, and society. It is one of the broadest fields of engineering to study and the contributions of mechanical engineers influence society every day. Mechanical engineers are responsible for automobiles, airplanes, satellites, robots, power plants, machine tools, medical devices, communication equipment, and consumer products.

Western New England College is now offering a mechatronics concentratino for their Masters in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. Mechatronics combines mechanical, electrical, and software engineering in the design, development, and control of diverse systems used in a range of industries including manufacturing, medicine, and the service industries. The future is virtually unlimited for Mechatronics, and much of it is here today.

The next two decades will see an explosion of automated mechatronic systems infiltrating our lives more and more every year—improving our quality of life and our knowledge of the world and universe we live in.

Learn more at:


The Case for Early Decision

New York Times

13 December, 2010

By Robert J. Massa

Early decision isn’t for everyone, but if a student finds a college that’s a perfect fit, then getting a jump on the competition and available financial aid makes sense.

Here’s what colleges typically don’t make clear: Although early decision is binding, no college will hold a student to a contract if a family determines that the financial aid package is inadequate, regardless of how much assistance the college offers or what the needs analysis-scholarship eligibility criteria suggests.

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Letter of Recommendation is First Step to College

The Tennessean

13 October, 2010

By Lee Bierer

A strong letter of recommendation can definitely bolster a college application. Unfortunately, too few students understand the importance of this pivotal piece of the college admissions puzzle.

The norm seems to be that students wait until the last minute to ask the most popular teacher. What’s wrong with that picture? Just about everything.

Teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers know students can offer unique perspectives. While high praise in a letter of recommendation isn’t an automatic acceptance, a mediocre letter can spell disaster. Colleges read all of the letters submitted, but they generally come into play when they are trying to distinguish between students with similar grades and test scores.

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