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Education USA weekly updates- No 184 *14 June 2010



No. 18414 June 2010

I. Scholarships and Fellowships

– Undergraduate: International Student Ambassador Scholarships at Iowa State University / up to $7,000/ year

– Undergraduate: International Student Tuition Waiver at Chadron State College

– Undergraduate: New tuition rate for international students at Eastern Illinois University

II. News You Can Use

– Inauguration of the UCLA Summer Institute in Communication Skills for International Students

– Master’s in International Education Policy at Harvard Graduate School of Education

– College Tours for international college counselors – Study Rhode Island –a few spots remaining


I. Scholarships and Fellowships

International Student Ambassador Scholarships at Iowa State University


  • International Student Ambassador Scholarships are awarded to students with exceptional leadership qualities and a desire to positively represent both their home country and Iowa State University to prospective students.
  • Current ISU International Student Ambassadors may be contacted here.

Applicants will be considered for the following award levels:

Gold $7,000 per year Renewable

Cardinal $5,000 per year Renewable

Leadership Up to $4,000/year Renewable


  • Apply for admission. (You cannot be considered for this scholarship unless you are admitted to Iowa State University.)
  • Submit a one-page essay describing experiences you have had in leadership, community service and/or volunteerism, and why you are interested in assisting Iowa State University with international recruitment activities.
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Send essay and letter via email to [email protected] with the subject line Attention: International Scholarship Selection Committee
  • There is no GPA or SAT requirement; however, higher academic backgrounds may result in higher scholarship awards


  • October 1 (spring entry)
  • April 1 (fall & summer entry)


  • Incoming freshmen and transfers can apply

For further details, please visit:

or contact: Ann Gogerty, Global Recruitment Coordinator; [email protected]





International student tuition waiver at Chadron State College


The Chadron State College International Student Tuition Waiver is an undergraduate tuition (fees not included) award for degree-seeking international students attending classes on the CSC campus. The maximum award is equal to one-half of the Nebraska residential tuition for up to 16 credit hours per semester, with a total of 8 semesters. Recipients must attend consecutive semesters and maintain eligibility criteria for renewal.


To be considered for the award, international students must submit a completed International Student Tuition Waiver application by the June 1st for Fall enrollment and November 1st for Spring enrollment.


Recipients will notified of their award by mail or email and have 14 days from the mailing date to accept or decline. If no response is received by the deadline date, the award will be forfeited and recipients become ineligible for future consideration.

Eligibility Requirements

· Applicants must be entering international freshmen or be new international transfer students from a regionally accredited American university or college.

· Entering Freshmen

o Must score 600 or better on paper-based TOEFL

o Or 100 or better on internet-based TOEFL

o Or 7or better on lELTS

o Or score a 1550 or better on the SAT

o Or 22 or better on the ACT

· New Transfers

o Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 scale) or better on all

transfer credit from all institutions previously attended

o Must have completed and passed one semester of a 100-level or higher English course.

The international tuition waiver is not available to:

· Students seeking online undergraduate.

· Students seeking graduate degrees.

· Students who have been previously enrolled at CSC.

· The International Tuition Wavier is available for fall and spring terms only and cannot be used for summer courses.

For more information, please contact:

Carl Cousin

International Student Coordinator

Chadron State College

Office phone – (308) 432-6496

Fax – (308) 432-6473

[email protected]

Social media:


clip_image006[1]Chadron State College on Facebook


New Tuition Rate for International Students at Eastern Illinois University

Beginning 2010, Eastern Illinois University will extend the equivalent of in-state tuition for freshman and transfer students (first-time undergraduate EIU students) who meet the distinguished student criteria which is a grade point average of 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale). Original transcripts will be evaluated by our staff member. No special application is necessary. Those qualified undergraduate students will automatically be granted the lower tuition rate.

To illustrate the education savings, here is the cost comparison based on this current academic year (2 semesters):

Current international tuition: $17,208.00

Distinguished student rate: $5,736.00

Savings equals $11,472.00

If you have any questions, you may email me directly or view our website:

clip_image004[2]Sue E. Songer


Office of International Students and Scholars

Eastern Illinois University

clip_image008[1]600 Lincoln Avenue

Charleston, IL 61920

[email protected]


clip_image002[1]II. News You Can Use

inauguration of the UCLA Summer Institute in Communication Skills for International Students

Offered through UCLA’s (University of California, Los Angeles) Department of Communication Studies, the Institute is a six-week, intensive program of study, providing international students a holistic learning experience in American-style English.  Comprised of two courses, CS1A (Public Speaking for Nonnative Speakers) and CS1B (Learning American English and Culture from the Movies) the Institute is an immersion-style program, designed to enable nonnative speakers to communicate competently in both personal and professional situations.  In short, students will learn to interact effectively and easily with Americans—-in America, in their home country, in the world.

Course descriptions:

1A – Public Speaking for Nonnative Speakers

Learn the principles of oral communication that will make you an effective speaker!

This course teaches native and nonnative speakers to communicate easily and comfortably in social, business and academic situations. Students learn how to successfully apply communication theory in a variety of contexts such as conversation, interviewing, small group discussion and public address.

1B – Learning American English and Culture

Dive into Hollywood Blockbusters and quickly learn how to speak American-style!

This course teaches nonnative speakers how to effectively communicate with Americans in everyday life by the interactive, guided viewing of popular films. Through classroom workshops, discussions and presentations, students will gain a greater speaking fluency while experiencing American culture firsthand.

Students can take either course independently.  A student taking both courses will earn a Certificate of Completion from the UCLA Summer Institute in Communication Skills for International Students, indicating their successful participation in this innovative, comprehensive program.

We have included below the tie-in to the Institute’s Summer Session website.

Please alert any student you feel would benefit from participation in our Institute or either of our courses.  If you desire further information, get in touch with us through the contact data listed below.

To enroll:

Register online at

For more information, contact:

Sylvia Merschel – UCLA Department of Communication Studies

Phone: 310-825-3303

E-mail: [email protected]

Dee Bridgewater – UCLA Department of Communication Studies

Phone: 310-825-3303

E-mail: [email protected]


Master’s in International Education Policy at Harvard Graduate School of Education

The International Education Policy program is an intensive one-year program that prepares students for leadership positions advancing educational innovation and reform globally. Students hail from a variety of geographic, educational, and work backgrounds, yet all are individuals interested in educational policy leadership, innovation, reform, and entrepreneurship in developing countries, in the U.S., and other OECD countries.

Our curriculum emphasizes the comparative study of educational systems as well as the analytic skills to identify the core causes of education challenges, to generate opportunities to address these challenges, and to evaluate their impact. The core curriculum includes courses focusing on comparative and international education, policy analysis, and evaluation. During the program, students develop leadership and management skills to implement and supervise educational improvement projects and programs. In addition, numerous co-curricular activities engage the students in frequent dialogue with leading global education practitioners.

IEP graduates are firmly grounded in an understanding of the relationship between education policy and programs and instructional improvement in the classroom in a variety of educational institutions. They also have extensive comparative knowledge of reforms and improvement programs and have the ability to work in a variety of institutional and geographic settings.

In addition to teaching, our faculty are deeply involved with issues of practice. Students get to work with and learn from leading faculty who investigate the role of education policy in advancing educational opportunity. In addition to the core faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, students in the program work with visiting faculty and with visiting scholars in the numerous international and area studies centers at Harvard University.

Through cross-program and cross-school interactions, the IEP program offers students the advantages of the Harvard-wide community, which provides myriad opportunities to engage with and learn from scholars with diverse backgrounds, interests, and disciplinary understandings. Harvard is on a mission to become a truly global university in the 21st century. Numerous initiatives, projects, and a constant stream of students and visitors from all parts of the world reflect the determined pursuit of that mission. This creates a rich and stimulating environment where those of you interested in global educational leadership will thrive.

We encourage you to learn more about our program by visiting our website:

You may also contact the program directly:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: + 1 617.495.4845

Program Director, Dr. Fernando Reimers

Program Coordinator, Ms. Lola Irele


Study Rhode Island – College tours for international college counselors – a few spots remaining


Greetings from the Ocean State! 

Rhode Island’s colleges and universities have created a new educational group called Study Rhode Island, a marketing partnership that collaboratively promotes the states legendary higher education institutions abroad.  Following the annual OACAC conference, Study Rhode Island would like to invite international college counselors to also visit Rhode Island.  We want to provide a fun-filled tour of the 8 different schools in Rhode Island mixed with history, culture and all that the Ocean State has to offer. 

All ground transportation, meals, and lodging will be provided to participants for free with a $100 deposit.  A coach bus will arrive in Boston after the OACAC conference to take you to Rhode Island and back to Boston after our tour. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the state from land and sea, experience colonial America and become immersed in the wonderful higher education opportunities Rhode Island has to offer.  It’s a promising event that will blend education and fun! To reserve your space on the STUDY RI Tour, please email Erin Flynn at [email protected] and send a $100 deposit to the following address.


New England Institute of Technology

2500 Post Road

Warwick, Rhode Island, 02886-2266

As we have limited space, please wait until you have received your confirmation email before modifying any of your travel arrangements. We have 25 participants at present and we are looking to find 5 more to join the group.

TOUR DATE: Sunday, July 18th-July 21st

(Transportation will be provided to/from Boston)

The colleges/universities in Rhode Island include the following:

Brown University Providence College

Bryant University Roger Williams University

Johnson and Wales University Salve Regina University

New England Institute of Technology University of Rhode Island

We hope to see you in the Ocean State this July!