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Education USA weekly updates – No. 171 * 15 March, 2010


I. Scholarships and Fellowships 

-    Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships for International Students: Clarion University

II. News you can use
-    Resource for advising prospective LL.M. students
-    Visiting International Student Programs at Columbia University


I. Scholarships and Fellowships
Scholarships for international Students at Clarion university of Pennsylvania
International students representing 40 countries are currently enrolled at Clarion University, and it is our hope that this representation would be significantly increased in the near future. The international family of students at Clarion experiences a serene and welcoming environment with one-on-one relationships with professors and staff.
Clarion offers fully accredited, high quality academic programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, and Education & Human Services. Admission requirements include completed application and fee; satisfactory TOEFL/SAT results; official transcripts; and evidence of sufficient financial support.  Additional graduate student requirements include official proof of undergraduate degree; satisfactory GRE/GMAT results; evaluation/recommendation forms; and specific departmental requirements. Application deadlines are July 15 for the fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester.
The University is ranked among the top safest campuses in the U.S., offers financial assistance to all international students valued at $3000/academic year, credit for A levels, and is found to be quite affordable. Financial assistance is based on need and merit, and may be renewed each year provided students meet established criteria. Estimated annual costs (after deducting the $3000 award) for international students attending Clarion University are $23,418 for undergraduate students and $20,304 for graduate students.
Students interested in either undergraduate or graduate programs have the opportunity to apply online or download applications at
For more information:
Linda Heineman
International Student Advisor
Office of International Programs
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Clarion, PA   16214
e-mail: [email protected]

II. News You Can Use
Resource for advising prospective LL.M. students: The Value of an LL.M. in a Globalized World
Globalization is changing the way lawyers learn. Traditionally, law was taught as a national subject, supplemented by comparative and international law. Lawyers seeking to specialize or enter academia pursued a Masters of Law (LL.M.).
But as the legal profession evolves to handle global trade, transnational families, human rights, and social, economic, and environmental policy issues, many more lawyers are seizing the opportunity to pursue an LL.M. abroad. What are they learning besides substantive law? This essay posted on the LLMGUIDE discusses cross-cultural learning in the context of the legal profession. The author, Jane Schukoske, directs the Master of Laws program in the Law of the United States at University of Baltimore School of Law,
For more information:
Visiting International Student Programs at Columbia University
International students with qualifying academic records are welcome to study on a non-degree basis at Columbia University through the School of Continuing Education during the academic year and summer. Enrolling at Columbia offers access to hundreds of credit-bearing, challenging academic courses across all of the departments of the Arts and Sciences, taught by Columbia’s eminent faculty.
Visiting international students study with matriculated Columbia students and are granted the use of the University’s resources, including the libraries and athletic facilities. The School of Continuing Education’s Office of Student Affairs provides visiting students with guidance and academic advising to help them navigate the University’s academic environment.
Undergraduate Program: Individuals who are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s program at another college or university and are in good academic and disciplinary standing may apply as nonresidential visiting students. In order to qualify for a student visa through Columbia University, students must be enrolled full time in a program of study.
Post-baccalaureate Studies Program:
The Post-baccalaureate Studies program offers qualified individuals with bachelor’s degrees the opportunity to take university courses for graduate school preparation or academic advancement. Working with advisers at the School of Continuing Education, each student develops a plan of study tailored to his or her background and academic goals. In order to qualify for a student visa through Columbia University, students must be enrolled full time in a program of study. The program also offers a Business Certificate for international students during the summer, which includes English language instruction.
For more information:




From: REAC Discussion List for Educational Advisers in South and Central Asia

Sent: Monday, March 08, 2010 9:57 PM       Subject: EducationUSA Weekly Update No. 170 * 8 March, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Greeting from Istanbul, where Kathleen and I are attending a workshop with EducationUSA advisors from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal!

Please alert any students interested in the Florida Language Institute that it has been accused of visa fraud. Over 80 individuals who were in possession of fraudulently obtained F-1 student visas have been arrested. Countries affected include: Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela. The school had allegedly been fraudulently sponsoring foreign students by issuing Form I-20 to students without requiring that they maintain a full course of study.

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