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Publications and Forms

THE SRI LANKAN FULBRIGHTER – Volume 11 – Issue 1 – 2015

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U.S. Fulbright Scholar, Liz Doles publishes – ‘Resplendent Sri Lanka: A Portfolio of Pinhole Photography’

  Liz Doles, an American Fulbright Scholar publishes a book titled ‘Resplendent Sri Lanka: A Portfolio of Pinhole Photography’. The book includes a portfolio of thirty-nine photographs of Sri Lanka’s architectural heritage, taken with a pinhole camera and a personal... (Continue reading)

Education for Nation Building – by Tissa Jayatilaka

  . . . facilis descensus Averno; noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis; sed revocare gradum superasque evader ad auras, hoc opus, hic labor est. ( The Aeneid, VI, 126-129). The above lines constitute one of the most famous... (Continue reading)